CORS Downloads


New Installation - Full Package

(Word Document Installation Instructions included)

Latest Version - Update

Click here for instructions for updating your existing system to the latest version.

(Beware of a popular download problem when using Internet Explorer:

The download appears to complete really quickly, but has only partially downloaded the zip file.

We find that downloading a second time always works! Curious.)

NEWS! If you are running V5.08 or above- your system will now upgrade automatically! (With your permission, of course.)

To bring your system up-to-date manually, simply download the latest update (above) and replace your existing file(s) called CORS.accdb (and CORS_New_Version_Downloader.accdb, if you have one) with the replacements found inside this downloaded zip file.

Feel free to contact us if you would prefer help with this process. (We may ask you to join a remote-control session using where we can take control of your mouse right before your eyes!)


CORS Alliance Model Members download next version for testing here


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