CORS helps to organise and structure your record keeping

  1. A System for use by all your staff and volunteers
  2. It records all the activities that take place through your service and the outcomes they have
  3. You can review the progress your service users make as a result of engaging with your service

In addition, CORS has built in features for organisations who have to implement Self Directed Support

CORS is designed for organisations that provide community interventions. If your organisation wants to improve the lives of disadvantaged people CORS can track and measure the improvement. This allows you to demonstrate your effectiveness, track your interventions, and improve your services. CORS will work for enterprises working in the following sectors:

  •  Mental Health
  •  Child and Family Support
  •  Special Needs / Learning Difficulties
  •  Substance Misuse
  •  Education / Training / Employment
  •  Offender Rehabilitation
  •  Re-enablement Home Care

CORS can help you fulfil your obligations to provide reports and analysis to funding bodies, authorities, and supporters, allowing you to focus on providing your service.

To understand how CORS could benefit your organisation phone Karen on: 

0161 408 1163

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