Easy to manage monthly payment plans

* 5% discount included for paying regularly by standing order

† By ‘Users’ we mean those with live logon authority to the cloud server. You may have unlimited users arriving or leaving your user population but those no longer accessing the system should be made inactive.

Free service: You may run a youth club or drop-in group for instance. You will have instant access to running records and users can book activities online, but all reporting will be extra on request.

1 Entry Level: You are a service that runs a few groups or activities with different attendees that you need to keep track of. Maybe you have also received a small pot of funding that you need to report back on.

2 Standard: You are likely to be a small charity with minimal paid staff, maybe you are mostly operating using volunteers. Usually one person will be maintaining the office administration records for reporting to funders and governing bodies.

3 Professional: You are an established organisation that runs a variety of activities and have a core staff group that are responsible for ensuring all records are kept up to date. You have to fulfil multiple funding requirements and need to report to a variety of stakeholders, requiring complex analyses.

4 Enterprise: You are a larger organisation that may have many smaller satellite services or franchises providing your model programme in different locations/settings. You want each service to have its own identity but would like to maintain overall control over the service and the ability to understand what is working best.

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If you would like to arrange a Free Trial or have any questions please get in touch with John, our technical specialist or Karen, our outcomes specialist. You can register to login to our CORSWEB Demo system immediately, login here… Or, if you would prefer we can set up a system in your own name that you can trial to ensure that it is the right system for your organisation, just give us a call today on +44 161 408 1163 or email support@cors.org.uk