Frequently Asked Questions

You can register to view an online demo version complete with anonymised pretend data that we use for testing immediately here. If you would prefer to have your own system to trial that does not contain preformatted data we will need to set this up, just drop us a line here.
We understand that many organisations need to apply for funding to pay for CORS. We can help with drafting your funding application improving your chances of success. To discuss your requirements get in touch with our outcome specialist Karen on 0161 408 1163 or by emailing
The Free Trial period is about ensuring you are happy to use CORS, we only ever want to work with clients that are really gaining a benefit from using our service. We will keep in contact with you to ensure that your use of CORS is progressing, and when you are confident that it meets your needs, we will discuss the optional payments plans.
Anywhere you can have an internet connection it is possible to use CORS! You are free to install as many copies of the ‘front end’ of the system as you wish. The Users and all your data are held in the cloud, therefore you must have an internet connection. If you have a laptop with WIFI for instance you could install the linking software on it and whenever you need to work, or just use CORSWEB. All access attempts are logged by us, so you will know if anyone else has tried to login with an incorrect password etc. and we can switch users off at a moment’s notice. This means while you are waiting for a client you could finish note updates, or maybe at home where it is a little quieter than your workplace environment for instance, making your working life more efficient.
The desktop software operates through a ‘front-end’ window that will sit on your own PC. This is supported by a ‘Runtime’ version of Microsoft Access 2010, which can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft, we will do this for you. CORSWEB on the other hand just requires an internet browser, although we do recommend adding this to your homepage on a smartphone to make access simpler. Don’t forget, at any time if you need help just email us at or call us on 0161 408 1163 and we’ll help you to get working if you are having any problems.
Most security setups will already allow CORS to connect to the cloud. Our technical support will guide you through the whole setup process. If there are special permission arrangements to be setup by your technical staff they will usually be able to make any changes necessary fairly easily. The system that you use to enter data is designed in Microsoft Access which is widely available and operates easily in most standard PC environments.
It will exceed the levels of security and ensure compliance in the appropriate elements relating to record keeping, data confidentiality and security. CORS is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
Your database is hugely flexible and can be set up to meet your own organisational needs. We also constantly evolve the system and will listen to any suggestions you make. Sometimes it is easy for us to make these changes quickly as we often find the things you request will benefit all of our clients. In other instances where changes are more detailed and specific to you we might need to charge for the change, but we will advise you of this and discuss it at the time.
We are continuously evolving CORS to improve our service to you, sometimes this requires an update to the system, which will be prompted, and will happen at a click of a button. Other times we will be making changes that you will see but you don’t have to do anything for the changes to take place (usually CORSWEB). We will keep you up to date with the changes we have made via email update detailing any changes that will significantly impact on the way that you work. We also love to get your suggestions and requirements for changes as this keeps the system doing exactly what you need it to do.
You own the data in our system. Premium or Multi service users have a refreshable Microsoft Excel workbook that can be saved as a static copy and used as a CSV file for any alternative systems you wish to populate. We can provide one of these for a standard £150 charge. 4 weeks after your service period has ended the data held in CORS will be deleted, unless you request it is either deleted sooner or held for longer.
This depends on how you store your existing data, but it is usually possible. We would need to understand your existing data storage in a bit more detail to determine this, please just get in touch.
We utilise triple layer security. The data is held securely online in Microsoft’s data centres. It is backed up to multiple locations, all with 24 hour monitored physical security. The data access has encrypted security codes. In addition each CORS user has their own password known only to them (even CORS staff cannot see this). We monitor every system that attempts to access the database, so we can track unauthorised attempts to access the data. The data is held entirely online, not locally on your systems, meaning it is never at risk should there be theft of your computer equipment or unauthorised access to your computer systems. Of course it is important that your organisation has its own data security protocols that meet the latest data protection legislation and ensures that staff follow their own risk management strategies e.g. not leaving laptops or PCs logged in when unattended, not sharing passwords etc.
You do. We provide the software to access the data, the secure robust data storage, and setup the data systems for you, but the data itself will always be yours.
There is no fixed term contract. CORS is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time, however we require one calendar month’s notice to cease billing. You can still retrieve your data at the end of the contract, although if you are in the first 12 months of a Basic or Standard package there may be a small charge for this (please see What happens to the data should we decide to terminate our agreement?)
When we install CORS we provide a remote presentation including an initial overview of the software. The cost of this is covered by the monthly subscription and it is usually enough to get organisations up and running on the system. It is useful to have one member of your team who acts as a CORS administrator, who is fully trained in the system and acts as a point of contact between our enterprises, however we are always happy to answer all questions from any member of your team via email or telephone. If you feel it might be beneficial for more detailed training, or to train more staff, then further training days can be agreed at additional cost.