The Team

Every service we work with becomes part of the GOS CIC Team, because being part of this community means our services tell us what they need, and every other service benefits from their suggestions. We are happy to admit that we don’t have all the answers, maybe your intervention area is going through some current legislative changes, or a new way of working. This environment of collaboration is proving to be beneficial to everyone and can also improve outcome reporting by sharing best practice experiences.


Outcomes Director

Karen, a developmental psychologist, is passionate about all things ethical, and has always been keen to support community groups that provide unique services for ‘hard to reach groups’. She understands that without CORS their clients might otherwise slip through the service provision net due to lack of funding or poor service provision. She takes every opportunity she can to support this in her personal and professional life, doing lots of charity work alongside running Gravitas Outcome Services CIC.

P: +44 7724 282 079



Technical Director

John has worked for a variety of software development companies and corporate enterprises — as a systems analyst and database developer, since leaving Manchester University where he studied Mathematics. His passion for CORS comes from the opportunity to do things the way he knows ‘they should be done’. He explains that sometimes clients cannot articulate their needs but define their problem, this is where he gets to put his years of experience into practice with new technologies, allowing his creative cognition to flow…

P: +30 69 76 89 72 33