CORS Desktop

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10

The front-end program file for 'Desktop CORS' now guides existing users through an automated process to update any existing installation.

To create a brand-new installation, special secure credentials will be required. Please contact support.

We may ask you to join a remote-control session using MSP360 Connect where we can take control of your mouse right before your eyes! During this session we will install a Microsoft ODBC Driver and, if you haven't already got MS-Access V2010 or later, we will also install MS-Access Runtime (this is free).

New Installation - Full Package:
Latest Version - Update:

Alliance Members (you know who you are): Your existing installations will also follow an automatic update process, but to test the next coming release, the Latest-Version/Update is provided here.

After release V7.45 of CORS Desktop, Windows requires a new Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (These files are already included in the Full Package download, above. Instructions: Extract the 4 files here and run 3 of them in numeric order (restart required after 02) 01 always (32bit and 64bit machines), 02 for the usual 64bit machines, 03 for the usual 64bit machines, 04 ONLY if by some miracle its an old 32bit machine.)

CORSWEB (the browser-based CORS interface)

No special downloads are required.

In short, CORSWEB will require only an internet connection and a modern internet-enabled device.

Nearly all internet browsers are supported - such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge (some versions of Internet Explorer) and many others. Nearly all hardware choices are supported - such as PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and pads and many others.

A reminder: As an additional security measure, CORSWEB must always be accessed via the original link provided to you by the service. We strongly suggest you bookmark (or on a mobile add to your home screen) immediately after following this link.

Some Technical Information

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