CORS Desktop

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10

The front-end program file for 'Desktop CORS' now guides existing users through an automated process to update any existing installation.

To create a brand-new installation, special secure credentials will be required. Please contact support.

We may ask you to join a remote-control session using Cloudberry Remote Desktop where we can take control of your mouse right before your eyes! During this session we will install a Microsoft ODBC Driver and, if you haven't already got MS-Access V2010 or later, we will also install MS-Access Runtime (this is free).

New Installation - Full Package:
Latest Version - Update:

Alliance Members (you know who you are): Your existing installations will also follow an automatic update process, but to test the next coming release, the Latest-Version/Update is provided here.

CORSWEB (the browser-based CORS interface)

No special downloads are required.

In short, CORSWEB will require only an internet connection and a modern internet-enabled device.

Nearly all internet browsers are supported - such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge (some versions of Internet Explorer) and many others. Nearly all hardware choices are supported - such as PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and pads and many others.

A reminder: As an additional security measure, CORSWEB must always be accessed via the original link provided to you by the service. We strongly suggest you bookmark (or on a mobile add to your home screen) immediately after following this link.

Some Technical Information

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